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Newsletter 2207: Get Ready for the New Season🙌

The New Event Season is starting soon, therefore it is the best time to look into some recent case studies and get pumped up with some new ideas and inspiration. We are always happy to share our experience and findings with you.

In the current newsletter, you'll find the case study on Latitude59, Estonia's flagship technology and startup conference. Dig in and find out how Votemo helped Latitude59 involve their audiences and use interactivity to increase sponsor visibility, generate leads, and create a long lasting event experience.


The 10-anniversary edition of Latitude59 startup conference brought together Startups, Investors, and Tech Specialists from around the world. The conference turned out to be the most engaging Latitude59 ever seen and Votemo was there to support them with interactivity tech from ideation to execution. The starting point of our collaboration was using the potential of interactivity to drive the engagement rate of the participants and to provide Latitude59's sponsors more visibility throughout the conference.

As a solution, new generation nuclear energy company Fermi Energia was engaged as a sponsor, and an interactive custom solution raising awareness about Fermi’s plans to bring Estonia’s energy production into the 21st century was developed. Considering that Fermi Energia is a nuclear energy company band their outset was to focus people's thoughts on future energy solutions we built a Mood Meter module that was used as an ice-breaker and audience activation tool throughout the conference to check the audience's energy level. Read the full article


Being part of an event organising team you have to think about hundreds of things to make better events. How to ensure meaningful content? How to keep the audience happy and satisfied, and make sure they will come back the next time? How to create more value for sponsors and partners? Votemo has been helping event organisers to get the most out of their events, and we've seen that Audience Participation is the fastest and most effective way to achieve these goals. Join us at the webinar and you'll find out how to build more powerful events.

During this 60-minute event, you'll learn:

  • How engagement increases audience satisfaction and happiness?

  • How participation can help speakers and panelists to deliver presentations that have more impact?

  • How to use audience engagement to generate leads and build a loyal visitor base?

  • How branded engagement guarantees meaningful visibility and qualified leads for sponsors?

  • How to use audience engagement tools to create long lasting event experiences?

  • What we learned from being an official engagement technology partner for Latitude59?



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