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Votemo presenter tool view, live polling and voting

Elevate Event Experiences with Instant Audience Feedback

Empower your audience to voice their opinions instantly, making your event more interactive and impactful. Make informed and fair decisions with Votemo's versatile feedback mechanisms and data tools.​

  • Audience Award System Tailored for Film Festivals

  • Interactive Sponsor Solution for Sports Events

  • Instant Audience Feedback Systems for Conferences

Film Festivals &
Film Markets

Sports &
Media Events 

Industry Events & Conferences

Run Film Festival Audience Voting on Autopilot

At film festivals, Instant Audience Feedback Systems revolutionize the voting process by enabling instant, anonymous audience votes and ensuring a fair and transparent selection process for awards. Read a case study on Film Festivals and Audience Awards.

  • Automated setup of polls for hundreds of screenings

  • Poll publishing on autopilot according to the festival program

  • Instant audience access via a simple QR code solution

Audience Award celebration at Filmfest Munich 2023
Instant Audience Feedback System in action at Sport event

Interactive Multi-Channel Sports and Media Events

Elevate sports and media events with the Votemo Instant Audience Feedback System. Enhance the viewer experience by enabling live polling, gamification, and instant feedback during the event.

  • Build community and encourage fan engagement

  • Allow audiences to vote on the most valuable players and make predictions on game outcomes

  • Real-time data on viewer preferences and opinions for organizers and broadcasters

  • Provide more sophisticated and measurable sponsor solutions

More Impactful Conferences and Industry Events

In conference settings, industry events, and seminars, an Instant Audience Feedback System serves as a powerful tool to democratize the floor and ensure that every voice can be heard.

  • Organize more efficient Q&A sessions to address audience questions

  • Share real-time data with the team and display results on screens

  • Help speakers gauge audience interest and tailor their discussion points accordingly

Instant Audience Feedback System in action at a conference
Instant Audience Feedback System in action at a team building event

Team Building and Seminar Engagement

For team-building exercises and classroom settings, an Instant Audience Feedback System is invaluable for boosting participation and engagement.

  • Encourage every participant to speak up

  • Foster richer discussions and a more collaborative learning environment with a Word Cloud

  • Offer instant feedback and polls for any educational setting

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