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Custom Branded Commenting module and graphic overlays

Live Q&A and Chat —Crowdsource questions and ideas from your audience

Crowdsource questions from your audience. Increase the quantity and quality of questions by allowing people to ask anonymously.

Live Q&A sessions are an integral part of every event and meetup these days. Votemo online commenting tools, Live Chat widget, and Q&A tool open up multiple ways for you to host a Live Q&A session, Moderate live comments and questions, call users to Upvote the best questions, and display comments and questions on screens at the venue and on video stream in real time.

Use moderation to manage questions and Q&A

Use moderation to filter any inappropriate comments and questions. Lead conversations in chat rooms by assigning Moderators and posting comments as a Moderator. Use the Votemo Presenter view to simply share your screen and results with the audience.

Easy to use Client Admin Platform

Display the top questions on your event stream

Choose the best questions and comments to appear as graphics on your broadcast stream.

Live voting, R2 Aastahitt 2020, Kristel Aaslaid and Robin Juhkenthal

Popular use cases

Chat room

Create a community feel by sparking a conversation among your audience.


Use Votemo to host engaging Q&As and ideation sessions.

Live comments

Give your Event or TV Show audience a voice by enabling commenting and expressing opinions.

Advanced features

Export commenting data
Make better decisions and improve your next event by analyzing the data available to you in Votemo Client Admin platform. Review comments and export them to CSV or further processing.

Edit live comments and questions
Edit comments and fix typos before publishing them on your stream. Use the Blacklist tool to exclude rude or unwanted vocabulary.

Graphics Control Module compatible with OBS, vMix, CasparCG

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