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Votemo for Film Festivals and Industry Events

Audience Choice Award Voting for Film Festivals

Votemo's audience engagement platform is expertly tailored for film festivals, film markets, and film industry events, boasting features that ensure rapid setup, real-time monitoring of results, and seamless data export.


During the festival, Votemo operates autonomously, efficiently releasing polls in sync with the festival's schedule. This streamlined functionality allows festivals to set precise voting timeframes, enhancing security and control over the voting process.

Moreover, Votemo enriches the festival experience by fostering interactivity among the audience. It elevates sponsor visibility and nurtures a sense of community through the strategic collection of audience data, paving the way for ongoing engagement.

Volunteers at Montclair Film asking visitors to scan the QR code and participate in Audience Award voting
Hot Docs photo by Taku Kumabe
Filmfest München, Audience Award voting winners
Young Horizons industry event
Charlotte Hurni, Sales and Partnerships

Charlotte Hurni

Sales & Partnerships

Votemo is part of the global
Film Festival Alliance community

Film Festival Alliance

Various Packages—Votemo offers a wide range of packages. Catering to festivals of all sizes, our offerings include specially tailored options for small festivals starting at just €500.

NGO Discount—We also provide exclusive discounts for nonprofit festivals, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Film Markets—For industry and market events, Votemo brings unique tools and solutions to the table, collaborating with prestigious entities such as Cannes Marché du Film, EFM Berlinale, and Young Horizons.

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Trusted by many film festivals & film markets globally

"Votemo helped us successfully make the shift to electronic balloting. The backend of the product was user friendly and customer service assistance during setup made this transition so easy. Our audience appreciated the more sustainable option for voting and our staff appreciated not counting ballots until early morning on our busy days! Looking forward to continuing this relationship with Votemo and Montclair Film."

Montclair Film — Jennifer Cambras, Director of Production and Special Projects

Why Votemo?

Audience Choice Award

Audience Choice Award

Empower your audience with our digital ballots, tailored for each film screening. Enable seamless voting experiences for both online and in-person viewers across various venues. Our autonomous voting pages ensure every voice is heard, enriching the film festival experience.

Community Building

Community Building

Forge a strong community among film festival enthusiasts. Our platform encourages audience engagement, offering them a voice in decision-making processes. By tracking audience activity, we transform casual visitors into dedicated followers, boosting both leads and revenue.

Rich Sponsor Visibility

Rich Sponsor Visibility

Enhance sponsor engagement through integrated, measurable ad placements and custom branding solutions within our Audience Choice Award voting system. This approach offers sponsors valuable opportunities to connect with potential customers, maximising their investment.

For Film Festivals of any shape and size

For Film Markets and Industry events

For Art Houses and Movie Theatres

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How to Engage: Best Practices

Hot Docs festival audience awards ceremony, on the screen are info about voting with Votemo audience engagement tool for film festivals.


Ensure your audience is well-informed about the voting process. Place information at both the entrance and exit, and on screens before and after screenings. Staff, including volunteers, should be knowledgeable and ready to assist with voting queries.

Volunteers holding banners with QR codes at Montclair Film Festival inviting visitors to vote for Audience Choice Awards


Highlight the significance of the audience award to encourage participation. Emphasise the audience's pivotal role in awarding the best film. Consider incorporating incentives, such as exclusive gifts from the festival or sponsors, to further motivate voters.

Audience scanning the QR code with mobile phones to access audience awards voting at FilmFest München

Ease of Use

Our priority is a hassle-free voting experience. To maximise participation and award legitimacy, we feature easily accessible voting methods. Prominently display large QR codes against a clear background, along with straightforward URLs, leading users directly to specific polls or landing pages. Simplifying the process ensures everyone can easily have their say.

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