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Votemo Word Cloud, Conference destination, Presenter view

Real-Time Word Clouds for Live Events

Word Clouds (also known as tag cloud, word collage or wordle) are visual representations of words that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently.


Use Word Cloud to make your event, meeting or seminar more fun and impactful. Create Live Word Clouds to gamify important discussions in real-time.

Publish your question and let your audience do the rest by submitting words on their smartphones or in an iframe on your landing page. Watch the colourful Word Cloud appear in real-time. Display results to your audience using the Votemo Presenter tool.

See Word Cloud Examples & Questions

Icebreaker &

Brainstorming & Idea Collection

Express Opinions & Feelings

How do Votemo Word Clouds work

Simply log in to the Votemo Admin Panel and set up a project for your event. Create a Word Cloud interactive module and type in your question to the audience. It's more fun to ask simple questions that can be answered with one or two words or why not with an emoji.


Invite your audience to participate and submit their answers to the question. You can enable a QR Code in the Admin Panel to display it with the Presenter view and have your audience submitting words via smartphones. Or you can insert the Word Cloud user interface into your landing page as an iframe or widget.

Word Cloud in Presenter view, Your favourite event
Votemo Word Cloud, Spirit animals, Presenter view

Customize the Word Cloud & Presenter view according to your brand

Add your logo and define your brand colours to own your Word Clouds and the Presenter view.

Votemo is a white label product that enables you to fully remove Votemo branding and replace it with yours. With Votemo you can also build Custom Solutions that enable you provide your audience with a unique interactive brand experience.

Get access to create your first Word Cloud

Interactive Events with Votemo

Interactive Events with Votemo

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Votemo Word Cloud, Keynote presentation, Presenter view

Get more from Votemo Word Clouds

Make events more visual with Word Clouds
Illustrate your topic, refer to a specific point or simply make your presentation more attractive.

Collect instant feedback with surveys
Combine Word Clouds, polls and open questions into a survey and collect input from participants anytime during or after the Event.

Export Word Cloud results
Make better decisions and improve your next events by analyzing the interaction data available to you in Votemo Client Admin platform. Review the Word Cloud results and export data as CSV file for further processing.

Word Cloud Examples

Word Cloud Examples

Business Event Word Clouds

  1. What team member do you think did the best job this month?

  2. Name a country you wish to travel for your next conference?

  3. In one word, describe today's event.

  4. Name a Keynote speaker you think was most interesting today?

Educational Word Clouds

  1. Name an EU country

  2. Give an example of a former Soviet state

  3. Give an example of a river in the Asian continent

  4. Name a president of the United States of America

Popular use cases


Kick off your Keynote presentation or a meeting with a fun icebreaker to lighten the mood.

Make decisions together with your audience

Ask people to express their opinion on what topics are the most relevant to them and decide the flow of your presentation together with the participants.

Get feedback on your presentation

Check the effectiveness of your Keynote presentation or streaming session with a quick poll.

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