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Contact our team to get access to a Free Votemo Demo account and try it out on your event of up to 50 participants. Fill in the form here.

Tailor-made packages and onboarding for Film Festivals, Sport Events
and other events in unique and complex settings. 


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Event Interactivity Tools


  • Votemo Platform

  • 300 concurrent participants

  • Account Setup & Demo

  • Email support


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Save time with a full-service package

Everything in Standard plus:

  • Votemo Platform

  • 1000 concurrent participants

  • Account Setup & Demo

  • Dedicated Support


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Give sponsors more visibility

Everything in Advanced plus:

  • Votemo Platform

  • 4000 concurrent participants

  • Interactivity Strategy

  • Setup of interactivity modules

  • Sponsor & Advertising tools

  • Dedicated Support


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Major events with significant impact

8000 concurrent participants

Audience of up to 100 000 people


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Audience interactivity is key to powerful events with real impact. Introduce your audience with the Votemo interactivity layer and organise smarter data-driven events.

Fill in the form to talk to a Votemo event interactivity expert about possible event engagement strategies for your event.

Votemo is part of the global
Film Festival Alliance community

Film Festival Alliance

Various Packages—Votemo offers packages for events of all sizes, available options for small events starting at just €500.

NGO Discount—We also provide exclusive discounts for nonprofit festivals, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Industry Events and Markets—Ask us about insights from collaborations with Cannes Marché du Film, EFM Berlinale, and Young Horizons.

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