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Newsletter 2205: Interactive Event Landing Page

Interactive Summer Events—Lead Generation Through Meaningful Audience Participation

News & Stories in May 2022:

  1. New feature: Interactive Event Page

  2. Tips to increase participation on your next speaking event, Article by Dagmar Mäe, Co-Founder of Votemo

Votemo has launched the new Event Landing Page feature enabling our clients the fastest way to set up an interactive event page. When speaking with our clients we realised that often they are in a need of a simple landing page enriched with interactivity features. The Interactivity part already covered, we've added an option for the event page that can be set up and branded based on the client's needs and style.

What makes the Event Landing Page unique is that all interactivity features will remain on the page also for the ones watching the recording. This allows the ones watching on demand to participate in the Q&A-s and submit questions, and the organiser a chance to interact also with the ones watching after the live. Votemo's Event Landing Page is a great solution for any kind of webinar or brand/ product related event, providing a set of lead generation features.

Featureset includes:

  • Insert your streaming link (Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

  • Customise background colours, add banners

  • Customise texts (headline, introduction, agenda, speakers, call to action)

  • Add interactions (Q&A, Chat, Polling, Word Cloud, Reactions, Mood Metre)

  • Lead generation features keep content available for the audience watching the recording.

Events as a medium can serve very many different purposes, but in its essence, every speaking event should always aim to spark learning, raise questions and inspire. In this blog post Dagmar Mäe, a Co-Founder and Head of Sales at Votemo, elaborates on different presentation tactics to spark learning and audience engagement. The article is based on her own experience.

Dagmar has worked 4 years as a mentor and lecturer with BA students in Tallinn University. Experienced in cross-media production Dagmar was hired to put together a course from a practitioner's perspective. The goal was to guide the students through the production process of their cross-media projects. Keep reading and find out the presentation tactics Dagmar used that sparked more learning.



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