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Votemo partners

Votemo has joined forces with leading event platforms to help event organisers and brands worldwide harness the power of audience interaction for hybrid and virtual events, conferences, media events and more. Our ongoing partnerships ensure a seamless audience interaction module integration, no matter the case.

“We are most happy in talque to partner up with Votemo and offer a selection of audience engagement tools to all our clients. From now on anyone who needs excellent user interaction solutions can add the Votemo engagement layer on top of their video stream, create new kinds of customized sponsor solutions, benefit from data insights and e-commerce add-ons. Adding Votemo iFrame to the talque event environment is easy and we see it will be a great addition to our platform.” — Patrick Dalacker, Business Development & Sales at talque


Rumour has it that talque is the world's most interactive event platform. Talque with its more than fifty modular functions adapts seamlessly to your event requirements. This means that you can successfully implement every possible event format with talque. Whether digital or hybrid - talque has the features. What also makes talque special is their multilingual team, ready to offer personal support and consulting before, during and after the event to all of their clients.

Worksup logo

Worksup is an easy and flexible event platform suitable for onsite, live and hybrid formats providing synchronised experiences for all audiences. The platform was developed by Estonian conference organizers in 2015 and has since held over 1000 events, out of which around 600 virtual and hybrid events.

Worksup is an easy to use platform for attendees and easy to set up by the organisers. The standard solution covers most of the event needs and can be set up in minutes, while you can tailor the platform by flexibly adding the options you need. From interest-based matchmaking and networking solutions to interactive challenges and polls personalize and enhance your audience’s event experience!

“Votemo is a great additional tool to add extra interaction to your event!” — Endrik Randoja, Co-founder & CEO of Worksup

Brella is the world's leading hybrid event and networking platform. Brella works especially well for conferences that require kickass networking features as their intelligent matchmaking tool delivers a superior one-on-one networking experience. 


Combined with Votemo you can provide your conference sponsors seam-less and meaningful ad space through branded Votemo interactions interface, customised emojis and branded result overlays that appear as part of the content on top of the video stream. 

“We're happy to partner with Votemo as through their branding options they bring  a much needed  added value to our clients”Jani Lehtimäki, VP of Partnerships at Brella

MultiCityTV logo

MultiCityTV is a community network platform that provides an online ecosystem for communities, event managers and other groups. Create your own community platform with their solution and take advantage of premium virtual production services. Their portfolio includes events and community platforms such as European Space Week, World CleanUp Day, La Biennale di Venezia and more. They are well known for running public sector events requiring high level security measures.

“We're happy to have Votemo as our partner. Their chat feature has become an integral part of our featureset and their banner solution worked perfectly as an interactive schedule next to our stream.” — Rainis Vares, Partner @ Multicity TV

Icareus logo

With background in the broadcasting industry, Icareus has the best video hosting tools and cloud combined with customisable event pages. This makes them a really good solution for in-house corporate events, press conferences, sales and marketing webinars. Icareus’ cloud enables you to record your sessions and keep them up for the audience also after the event.

Combined with Votemo you can make the most out of your webinars, press conferences or product demos as on top of engaging and fun interactions with your audience you can use Votemo branded options to highlight your brand and data collection solutions for further sales activities.

“We're glad to work with Votemo and give our clients an opportunity to add their interactivity layer to events run via Icareus. The result overlays and branding options they provide is really something unique in this market.”Mikko Karppinen, Founding Partner of Icareus

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