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Live polling &
digital voting

Make your event engaging and fun, by giving your audience options to express their opinions through live polling or digital voting. Run interactive presentations and meetings with Votemo's live polling tools and digital voting software in order to make the content and messages easier to remember.

With Votemo, it only takes a minute to create online polls and set up live questions to ask. But the experience and the feeling of being engaged and heard lasts for a long time.

Read about cases of film festivals running audience award voting on Votemo in our blog.

Live pollin tool, Sponsored Content for Visit Estonia at Simple Session final event
Live Polling tool, Animated video graphics overlays

Capture real-time audience feedback

Let your audience participate in live polls via Votemo web application embedded on your landing page or via direct link or a QR code. Display the results as a graphics layer on your broadcast stream. Technical information about embedding is available here.

Animated emoji reactions, graphics overlays for video stream

Have fun with animated emojis

Animated emojis are a fun way to liven up your audience and boost engagement levels. Test your audience' mood, ask for feedback or have your audience cheer up presenters or performers.

With Votemo you can use the advantage of designing your own custom emojis to reflect your brand values and wow your audience by transporting them into your branded visual world.

Live polling, photo polling, voting tool

Get more from Votemo polls

Add images to poll questions
Make polling more visual with images. Illustrate your topic, refer to a specific point or simply make your presentation more attractive.

Collect instant feedback with surveys
Combine multiple polls into a survey and collect input from your participants anytime during or after the session.

Export interaction data
Make better decisions and improve your next events by analyzing the interaction data available to you in Votemo Client Admin platform. Review the voting results and export them to CSV or further processing.

Popular use cases


Kick off your event or a meeting with a fun icebreaker to lighten the mood. Use Votemo's online voting tool to set up live questions and polls.

Make decisions together with your audience

Ask people to express their opinion on what topics are the most relevant to them and decide the flow of your discussion together with the participants.

Get feedback on your project

Check the effectiveness of your event or streaming session with a quick poll.

Let's make your next
event more interactive.

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