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Be it an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, unique branded interactive content solutions help you deliver real value to your sponsors. Build effective integrated content marketing strategies around meaningful audience engagement and interaction. Make unforgettable product launches, drive traffic to your sponsors' sites or collect valuable data for your sales pipeline.

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Sponsored Polls

Provide your sponsors with original interactive advertising and branded content. 


Votemo audience engagement tools enable you to engage the event audience at the venue and viewers online with polls that are seamlessly integrated into the event engagement strategy, programme and Keynote presentations. Multiple customisation options of the Votemo audience engagement platform make it possible to implement sponsor branding into the user application and animated graphic overlays that are used to display event interaction results on video.

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Have fun with animated emojis

With Votemo you can use the advantage of designing your own custom emojis to reflect your brand values and wow your audience by transporting them into your branded visual world.

Animated emojis are a fun way to liven up your audience and boost engagement levels. Test your audience' mood, ask for feedback or have your audience cheer up presenters or performers.

Custom designed emoji reactions, animated video overlays

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