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Newsletter 2203: Votemo launches Word Cloud

News & Stories in March 2022:

  1. Visualise Popular Opinions & Ideas With Word Cloud

  2. Challenges & Solutions of Conference Organisation

  3. Votemo closed €250k funding and keeps developing engagement tools for all events

Live Word Cloud Generator in Votemo Presenter View, Tag Cloud
Word Cloud and Presenter View

Word Clouds are visual representations of words that give greater prominence to words that are more popular among the audience. Use Word Cloud to make your event, meeting or seminar more fun and impactful. Create Live Word Clouds to gamify discussions to make topics easier to remember.

Illustrate your topic, refer to a specific point or simply make your presentation more attractive. Combine Word Clouds, polls and open questions into a survey and collect input from participants anytime during or after the Event. Make your first Word Cloud

Team Votemo: Madis Seppam, Tõnis Vassar, Dagmar Mäe, Martin Härmsalu, Maarit Mäeveer, Raimond Koitsalu
Team Votemo at Base Camp Hackathon by Superangel

Votemo completed its second investment round in February, raising €250k funding from international and local investors. The new funding will enable Votemo to recruit a sales team, fuel advanced marketing activities, and expand to several European markets. At the same time, adding new features and enhancing the user experience to provide world-class audience engagement and event sponsorship solutions. Votemo's long-term vision is to create a pool of engagement tools that can be used across the web and in combination with any event platform.

Keynote Speaker at Interactive Conference (photo source: Unsplash)
Keynote Speaker at Interactive Conference

Unforgettable conferences immerse their audience and feature sponsors that feel like natural extensions of the event. How do conference organisers recreate and sustain the fleeting nature of audience engagement while fostering a successful working relationship with sponsors? Read on and find out how Votemo can be your answer to questions such as how to:

  • Raise your audience’s participation through digital engagement tools?

  • Personally communicate your brand’s values?

  • Naturally, integrate sponsors into your interactive space?



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