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Votemo for
Sports Events

Simple Session and Visit Estonia

Engage your community and build loyal fan base

Votemo is an event engagement and community tool for sports events to generate impact & data. Fan engagement is a crucial part of any sports event. Find out more in this Sports Event Case Study.

Technologies that stimulate fan experience help sports organisations strengthen engagement, build brand value and drive new avenues of growth. Surveys show if fans enjoy their tech experience, a majority (56%) of them would attend more matches.

Votemo shows engagement rate

of 30%

More visibility and connections for sponsors 

Collect leads and convert fans to be part of your community

Audience engagement provides seamless and fun ways to generate leads

Generate 3 times more leads as users do not need to download an App. Votemo provides easy access via QR code to a unique mobile page.

Votemo has lead generation tools built in enabling you to ask participants to submit their emails and accept newsletters after the voting.

Audience Favourite Voting
Sponsored entertainment

Display results on stadium screens and on video stream

Show interaction results on screens at the stadium or add results as a graphic layer on the broadcast stream using the Votemo Graphics Software.

Interactive Events with Votemo

Interactive Events with Votemo

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Votemo Web App

Data collected with Votemo increases the ROI

Get the data during Live events

  • Number of participants

  • Number of reactions

  • User activity of different interactive sessions

  • Audience feedback in real time

  • Time of activity e.g. Timestamp

  • Integration with the Client User ID

Post-event data analyses

  • Location

  • Gender 

  • Interests

  • Emails for lead generation

Additional data
Integrate Client ID's and get more in-depth data

Popular use cases

Icebreakers during the breaks

Give Fans fun icebreakers before the match and during breaks to kill time and lighten the mood. Ask the audience which one of the team captains has the coolest haircut. 

Make decisions together with your audience

Ask people to express their opinion on who's the best player of the day and give out the audience award. This way you create a sense of Community and show you trust your Fans for decision-making. 

Get feedback on the match and event

Ask Fans for honest feedback about the match, the general organisational side of the Sports event and the overall stadium experience. Provide gifts and rewards in return.

Cannes Lions
EFM Berlinale
Marche du Film
Black Nights Film Festival
X Factor
Simple Session
Hot Docs
Coca Cola

Trusted by many well-known events and brands

Live Streaming & Innovation Manager of Ascential, Jose Estevez: "The interactive elements and custom emojis really gave a new dimension to show and helped us interact with our [Cannes Lions Live 2021] audience in a different way. It was truly great to work with the Votemo team and we look forward to working with them again on future broadcasts."

Let's make your Sport
Event more interactive.

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