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About Votemo

Connecting people through interactivity

Votemo has created a platform that gives broadcasters, such as hybrid virtual event organisers, streamers and TV channels new ways to get and retain audience attention, but also new ways to monetise audience interaction.

Votemo enables to engage audiences with commenting and Q&A, polling and voting tools or animated reactions, allowing the audience to share emotions, express opinions and ask questions. In collaboration with its clients, Votemo also develops original interactive formats to provide audiences with unique interactive experiences. One of our distinctive features is being able to show interaction results as a dynamic graphics layer directly on the video stream/broadcast.


Votemo was founded in 2018 by three media professionals and producers sharing the same passion for television and interactive media. In 2018 Votemo got its first investment from Levira AS, the digital services company and one of the biggest independent TV playout centres in Northern Europe. Levira has two shareholders: the Republic of Estonia (51%) and the French telecom and broadcasting company TDF (49%).


If you are interested to use our services, please get in touch at or fill in the signup form and Get Access.

Check out the demo user interface or scan the QR code for mobile experience:

My Show Demo


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