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Newsletter 2206: In-person events are back

Spring was awesome. Votemo helped many events to involve their audience and use interactivity to increase sponsor visibility and generate leads. We hereby bring you the cases of HÕFF Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival, Marché du Film—Festival de Cannes, and startup conference Latitude59. We are happy to share the experience and our findings with you. In the current newsletter, you'll find the case study on HÕFF. Marché du Film and Latitude59 coming up in July's newsletter. Stay tuned!

Votemo helped a sub festival of Black Nights Film Festival, Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2022 to engage their audience through voting for their favourite films and Q&A-s. The festival was mostly hosted in an in-person format with a small online extension of some films being available for watching on-demand on HÕFF's online platform.

Votemo voting interface worked out well for us. The participants number was much higher than what we’ve reached with digital tools before. Participants were also willing to leave their contacts much more, than we dared to expect.“ — Jaan Leppik, Development Project Manager of PÖFF and HÕFF

Read from the blog how festival organisers successfully used engagement to generate leads to build community and with characteristic-based polling options to spice up the traditional voting for the audience favourite. Read the full article

Being an event organiser you've probably heard more than once how important it is to give the audience a chance to be involved and participate. The following article will give you insights on the potential of audience involvement and how it helps in giving the audience a memorable event experience and your sponsors meaningful visibility and qualified leads.

Votemo has developed a selection of audience-engagement tools for events and conferences that make your attendees feel valued and enable you to increase the impact of your event. With live Q&As, Polling and Word Clouds combined with a visually-stunning interface and video graphic overlays you'll have everything you need to keep your audience focused throughout the day and provide your sponsors with effective brand visibility.


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