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Conference Organising—How to Generate Value Through Audience Engagement

Connectivity manifests itself in more ways than one during an exceptional live or hybrid conference. Unforgettable conferences immerse their audience and feature sponsors that feel like natural extensions of the event.


How do conference organisers recreate and sustain the fleeting nature of audience engagement while fostering a successful working relationship with sponsors?

“Votemo” is your one-word answer.

Audience Participation Generates Leads for You and Sponsors

In-person events, Q&A sessions and seminars flourish through live audience participation, and you can generate this engagement for your next event with Votemo’s digitally interactive branded space that’s compatible with all virtual event platforms, audience-facing user interfaces, and digital screens.

Your upcoming in-person or hybrid conference will benefit from Votemo’s ability to:

  • Raise your audience’s participation through digital engagement tools

  • Personally communicate your brand’s values

  • Naturally integrate sponsors into your interactive space

Keep reading to discover what ideal audience participation looks like before we cover Votemo’s ability to turn audience engagement into leads and valuable data for your brand and your sponsors.

Interactive Conference Speaker, Keynote Presentation, seminar, hybrid event
Interactive Conference Speaker, Keynote Presentation

What Does Quality Audience Participation Look Like?

There’s a clear difference between an audience simply watching an event and being engaged—and participation is a key difference-maker in whether your conference’s audience is fully present.

Audience participation helps you talk with your audience instead of at them. While your audience gets to know your event’s message, you’ll get to know your audience through their interactions with your presentation.

Conferences need to be interactive to increase the quantity of participation, and each interactive opportunity needs to hold value to motivate the audience member to take action. Encouraging an audience to interact helps viewers experience the feeling of making an impact that adds a new dimension of originality to your event.

Receiving feedback through audience participation is great, and what you do with that feedback is equally as significant. Live events give you the opportunity to collect real-time responses that can serve as feedback for future presentations, leads, or just plain fun to lighten the mood.

Let’s dive into Votemo’s tools that encourage quality audience interactions and this participation will benefit your sponsors and personal brand.

Votemo’s Audience Engagement Tools Generate Results

Audiences become extraordinary when they’re part of something bigger. Votemo fills in the blanks of average audience engagement strategies with digital activities like icebreakers, polls, and feedback opportunities.

It’s beneficial to ask yourself what your audience wants to see—and with Votemo, you won’t have to answer this question yourself. Conference participants can use Votemo digital interactive event space to guide a presentation through comments, emoji reactions, and more.

Let’s perform a walkthrough of how Votemo can give your audience the chance to influence the direction of your presentation and how these interactions will positively impact your brand and sponsors.

Votemo Audience Participation Walkthrough

You’ll begin your Votemo journey by selling your event’s digitally interactive audience engagement space to a sponsor. This sponsor space could appear in the form of an IFrame “question poll” on your website’s landing page that’s “powered” by the sponsor’s brand name.

Presenters can then connect an audience to your Votemo poll through:

  • A QR code displayed on event screens or print outs

  • Direct links

  • Social media posts

Votemo text poll for conference and events, digital voting with custom designed brand banner ads
Publish a poll to get feedback and input for your presentation

Once viewers arrive at this poll, they may view sponsors through the poll’s brand banner, custom brand emojis, or chats delivered by a moderator. Poll participation can allow you to gather potentially valuable data and point your audience toward sponsor sites or sponsor email signups via banner ads.

Audiences feel more present when they see the difference they’re making moment-to-moment. Consider using Votemo’s Graphics Control Software to display live participant poll data as animated overlays on your next event’s video stream and in-personal digital screens. Live audience participation data will serve as its own call-to-action, encouraging audiences to join in on what’s happening.

Quality event participation doesn’t solely involve an audience communicating with presenters. Help your audience communicate with each other and become one through Votemo’s chats, comments, and reactions.

Analyse Your Conference with Votemo Audience Participation

Conferences are one of the most common types of live, hybrid, and virtual events hosted within the professional world. A significant percentage of professional organisations use conferences as a means to deliver continual education units that allow their employees to maintain licensure in a specific field.

Employees visiting a conference will often fill out an evaluation at the end of the event to receive credit for attending the conference, while the organisers receive positive or constructive feedback on the presentation. Votemo will ultimately solidify these conference organisers’ ability to seamlessly receive evaluations that improve future presentations and allow attendees to mark their presence.

Communicate Your Brand’s Story via Custom Design Solutions

We’re seeing that event audiences need something unique to remain engaged—and that’s where Votemo’s custom design solutions come in.

Your audience has arrived at your event to view something new, and you can give them what they want with Votemo’s original interactive formats that help you display your brand’s uniqueness through personalised interface elements like colours, logos, branded images, and custom messages. These design solutions are customisable, so you can make a lasting impact on your audience and generate leads alongside your sponsors through participant engagement.

One of Votemo’s most innovative custom design elements are personalised emojis with animations that reflect your brand or your sponsor’s identity. Offering these emojis to an audience is an effective way to encourage and generate viewer participation that promotes a sense of togetherness.

Cannes Lions Virtual event and in-person event, Custom Designed Emoji Reactions
Cannes Lions Custom Designed Emoji Reactions

What are your next conference’s goals? Contact Votemo with your ideas for a future event, and we’ll get to work on developing a new interactive formula that fulfills your conference’s brand, audience, and sponsorship objectives.

Optimise Event Sponsorship with Votemo Audience Interaction

Votemo’s digital interactive branded space makes in-person and hybrid conference sponsorship more dynamic with its audience-based interactions.

Here’s a quick example:

A sponsored poll may lead to audience members visiting your sponsor’s site while you gather valuable sales data. Your event’s sponsors can use your audience’s traffic from this poll to collect contacts for their email list and generate leads for their sales team.

Everyone wins during an event with Votemo’s integrated content marketing strategies that thrive on audience interaction.

Speaking of interaction…

Simplify and Strengthen Your Event’s UX with Votemo

Now that we’ve covered how audience members can use Votemo’s interactive branding space during your conference events, let's explore what their user experience (UX) will feel like.

Votemo’s UX web application can be embedded inside of your website, accessed through a QR code, or exist through a unique URL.

Once your audience members reach your interactive branding space, they can move between different engagement activities like voting, live commenting, and emoji sharing while viewing branded elements like click-through banner ads.

Do you want to learn more about how Votemo’s interactions will look during your future event?

Reach out to Votemo to receive a demo of our user interface.

Contact Votemo to Receive a Custom Interactive Solution

Every conference organiser wants to “wow” their audience with their message while satisfying sponsors along the way. You’ll accomplish these goals and more when you utilise Votemo’s digitally interactive branded space.

Make your next conference more interactive for your audience members to generate positive results for your brand and your sponsors with a custom interactive solution from Votemo.


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Lexa Ker
Lexa Ker
Jun 30, 2023
I love online conferences they offer a wide range of possibilities. Participants can listen to lectures, expert presentations, ask questions and share their opinions. Real-time communication allows participants to actively participate in discussions and share their ideas. I often make some cuts from online conferences using this application and post them on YouTube.
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