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How to master brand engagement and impress event sponsors?

Join the webinar on brand engagement by TULI, the Estonian Marketing Association and you'll know how to become the master of brand engagement. Votemo CEO Maarit Mäeveer will be talking about how to increase brand engagement and ROI of virtual and hybrid events. The webinar will take place virtually on February 16, 15:00—16:00. Link to registration page below.

Here's a brief overview of topics that will be discussed during the webinar:

1. How to increase brand engagement & ROI of virtual events?

2. Brand Value Growth during hybrid events

How can brand owners get the maximum out of event partnerships when half of the audience has joined online and won't visit your booth or interact during physical events?

3. How agencies can help increase the ROI of online events?

  • How to prepare a tactical engagement plan?

  • What to use for Micropayments during online events?

  • How to create new ad spaces for online events?

4. What platform to use for your next online or hybrid event?

  • There are over 500 platforms

  • How to choose?

Register here:

NB! The TULI registration page is in Estonian but the Votemo session will be in English. In case you need help with registration, contact Maarit at


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