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Connecting people through interactivity

The battle for audience attention in an online environment is relentless. How to keep the audience focused when all different notifications, social platforms, news sites, emails and chats are trying to get their attention share is probably a question all of our readers have spent time figuring out. The best possible solution—relevant content combined with thought through engagement strategy.

At Votemo we have built a platform that gives hybrid and virtual event organisers, streamers and TV channels tools to keep their audience focused, gamify the event experience and monetise audience interaction either through branded interactions or direct payments from the audience. 

If putting together an engagement strategy is your cup of tea, then here is why you should choose Votemo interactive tools to engage your audiences on your next event. 

Want to make your audience feel connected and give them a memorable event experience? 

Votemo has developed multiple interaction tools to make your audience feel connected and heard. Features include commenting and Q&A, polling and voting tools, animated reactions/emojis, allowing the audience to share emotions, express opinions and ask questions. With some clients, we have also developed fully original interactive formats to provide their audiences with unique interactive experiences.


Votemo enables you to add the engagement layer right next to your stream as an iframe or as a widget the audience can close and re-open. One of our distinctive features is software that enables you to display interaction results as animated overlays on to your video stream.

Interactivity and displaying the results on your video stream creates a unifying feeling for your audience (there are more people here and our voices are heard) and encourages everyone to participate. Improved event experience is guaranteed. 

Votemo Dynamic Data Overlays Showcase video: 

Want to impress sponsors with interactive solutions?

Every sponsor wants to be the essential part of the event and program. Give your sponsors the most meaningful and seam-less ad inventory available — include them in your audience engagement strategy. Offer your sponsors opportunities to brand discussion panels, Q&A sessions, opinion polls, and feedback questionnaires by having the interaction interface and overlays branded according to their brand universe or allow the audience to express themselves with branded emojis or show their mood via a branded mood-meter. Build in-depth partnerships with your sponsors and generate new revenue with Votemo. 

Visit Estonia´s Viewers Choice at Simple Session
Visit Estonia´s Viewers Choice at Simple Session

For the best interaction strategy plan your next event together with Votemo's project manager 

Contact us and let us know your plan for your next event — what type of event are you organising, how big is the audience and what are your current thoughts for audience interaction. Our project manager will assist you with quick onboarding to Votemo platform and provide you with insights for the best practices on how to use the different tools available on Votemo platform. Our project manager is also there for you if you want to discuss any custom solutions you might have in mind. 

Votemo Client Admin panel
Votemo Client Admin panel

Collect valuable data and feedback

Post-event data is the key for driving your post-event sales and for better tailoring the content for the next time around. Polls and questionnaires help you gather information and find out what the audience thinks about the event or speakers. Ask for feedback immediately after a session, keynote presentation or performance to get fresh emotions and ideas. Share relevant feedback with speakers as well. 

Audience feedback also helps you improve as an event organizer, and organize even better events in the future. Audience engagement solutions allow you to analyze the behaviour of the audience as a whole through the event and see at what point in time the audience was the most active and interested in the programme. If necessary, it is also possible to zoom in to the individual visitor level in the data and drive your post-event sales and increase the quality of decision making for future events.



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