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Launching Votemo partnership with Brella

We love partnerships and are happy to announce that at the end of 2021 Votemo found a true partner in Brella. If you are looking to give your audience an opportunity to form meaningful connections and blend it with a memorable event experience, then Brella combined with Votemo is the right set of tools for you.

Votemo interface in Brella. Votemo interactions embed in the right.
This is how Votemo looks in Brella. Votemo interactions embed in the right.

Votemo tools will help you grow your audience' engagement and at the same time provide your sponsors with the most meaningful and seamless ad inventory available—include them in your audience engagement strategy.

And Brella's intelligent matchmaking will provide your audience with the best 1:1 networking experience possible. How? Their AI-powered algorithm focuses on specific goals attendees want to achieve for richer, more meaningful meetings.

Quite a perfect match we think 🎉 Check out our blog post here on how we can help you to make the most out of your event.

For a better overview on how Brella's matchmaking works and why intelligently matched one-on-one meetings make a key difference, make sure to check out their blog post on the 8 essential features your event networking tool needs.

Adding Votemo to your Brella event

To add Votemo interactions to your Brella event you must first create the interactions in Votemo Admin. This will generate your interactions embed that can be added to your Brella event sidebars in streams, schedules and virtual booths. For a step by step tutorial, check out the video below.

Feel free to contact us at in case you have ideas or questions you want to discuss, and let's make your next event more interactive and engaging.



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