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Converting Audience's Emotions Into Rankings: Case of Tartu Love Film Festival

Tartu Love Film Festival, aka Tartuff, organised by the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), takes place in Estonia's vibrant university town, Tartu. The festival has a unique setting where the guests can enjoy films on the big screen, set up specifically for the occasion at Town Hall Square under the night sky. The film programme is supported by discussions and lectures during the week. Additionally to that, documentaries are shown in the nearby Culture & Conference Centre “Athena”.



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Film festival

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The following case study describes how Votemo's event interaction tools were used to highlight audiences' favourite films and give out the Festival's Audiences' Prize. Read along to find out how Tartuff created a meaningful connection with the audience and expanded their monthly newsletter audience by many emotionally engaged readers.

Building The Movie Ranking System On Audiences' Emotions

Film festivals are all about triggering emotions in viewers' hearts, and taking them on a journey full of excitement, happiness, passion, and many other emotions. For each viewer the experience and story interpretation is unique. This is why the PÖFF team decided to switch from the traditional voting system to a more creative solution where the audience could express how the movie made them feel throughout the whole festival.

The idea was to replace the regular voting where the time to submit your opinion is limited to a short period of time at the end of the festival, with the solution that allows viewers to express emotions throughout the programme. As a result, 10% of the audience participated in the activity, expressing their feelings and connecting with other viewers in a live Q&A.

“Tartuff festival is the second festival already this year where we are testing the new voting system, and we can see the audience is really coming along. We are happy with the participation numbers as well, especially when it comes to newsletter subscribers and clicks on banner ads inside Votemo’s application. The new bulk import feature makes the integration process and setup of Votemo interactions way smoother and faster.“ — Jaan Leppik, Development Project Manager

Votemo Live Polling user interface, Lead generation tool, and clickable banner ad
Votemo User Interface: 1) Select familiar emotions, 2) Leave your contacts and subscribe to newsletter, and 3) Click on the banner Ad if want to discover more

After each film, the participants were invited to help the festival’s organising team to find audiences' favourite films and give out the Festival's Audiences' Prize. Viewers were asked to scan the QR code shown after the movie and express their opinion by choosing one of the emotions listed in the poll and that is closest to their experience. The audience could choose between heartbreaking, sensual, romantic, joyful, and other emotions. What is important to keep in mind is that all the poll results were equal, when it came to defining the prize winner. Final results were put together in combination with different interaction data, such as emotions expressed, a number of questions asked, and banner clicks.

One of the most notable highlights was that over 2000 people watched the French movie "La Place d'une autre" (eng: "Secret Name") from 2021, directed by Aurélia Georges. The movie also bagged the festival's audience prize.

Turning Active Participants Into Leads And Future Customers

Votemo's event interaction tools help event organisers to develop audience engagement strategies that can be converted into real-time data and leads. These results can, later on, be used in marketing and sales communication, and moreover, in organising better and more powerful events.

After expressing emotions via the Votemo Live Polling tool, Tartuff's audience members were asked to leave their contacts if they'd like to participate in a draw and win Black Nights Film Festival passes. Participants were also offered to join the film festival's newsletter.

This activation resulted in 36% of the voters leaving their contacts and participating in a draw, and 22% of them subscribing to the newsletter.

In-depth Event Engagement Strategy Increases Audience's Satisfaction

An in-depth event engagement strategy increases the audience's satisfaction and happiness. Votemo has been helping event organisers to get the most out of their events, and we have seen that Audience Participation is the fastest and most effective way to achieve this goal. A happier audience and higher satisfaction rate will eventually result in higher ticket sales and better results for sponsors. Our data shows that planning your event as interactive and engaging as possible, and displaying audience participation data on screens can increase audience satisfaction by up to 80%.

Event organising teams have to think about hundreds of things. How to attract the best speakers and ensure meaningful content? How to keep the audience happy and satisfied, and make sure they will come back the next time? How to create more value for your sponsors and partners? No worries, leaving the development of event engagement strategy to Votemo, provides you more time to work on other things.

From Tartu With Love

The central idea of Tartuff is love and its shades and variations. The programme consists of new releases, oldies and classical love stories. First Tartuff took place in 2006 and has since been organised by the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. PÖFF has grown into one of the biggest film festivals in Northern Europe and busiest regional industry platforms, hosting more than 1000 guests and industry delegates and over 160 journalists yearly. The festival screens around 250 features and more than 300 shorts and animations and sees an attendance of 80 000 people annually. As of 2014 the festival holds the FIAPF accreditation for holding an international competition programme which puts the festival into the A-category of film festivals, alongside other 14 major festivals in the world. Another awesome film festival PÖFF is organising is Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival.

If you'd like to know more on how Votemo can help you to increase the value of your event through better event engagement strategy, audience involvement, lead generation and branding options, set up a consultation here or contact us at



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