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How to grow event engagement by 80% through branded interactivity: The case of Latitude59

The 10-anniversary edition of Latitude59 startup conference brought together Startups, Investors, and Tech Specialists from around the world. The conference turned out to be the most engaging Latitude59 ever seen and Votemo was there to support them with interactivity tech from ideation to execution.



Engagement rate


Tech Conference

2800 attendees



The starting point of our collaboration was using the potential of interactivity to drive the engagement rate of the participants and to provide Latitude59's sponsors more visibility throughout the conference. As a solution, new generation nuclear energy company Fermi Energia was engaged as a sponsor and an interactive custom solution raising awareness about Fermi’s plans to bring Estonia’s energy production into the 21st century was developed.

Considering that Fermi Energia is a nuclear energy company planning to deploy a new generation small modular reactor in Estonia and that their outset was to focus people's thoughts on future energy solutions we built a Mood Meter module that was used as an ice-breaker and audience activation tool throughout the conference to check the audience's energy level. While the hosts were directing the audience to submit their energy level from their mobile devices, screen overlays on the screens on the venue and on top of the video stream for online viewers represented the average energy level of the room.

Branded Mood Meter sponsored by Fermi Energia, graphics overlays and mobile application
Branded Mood Meter overlays and web application, Sponsored by Fermi Energia

The sponsor was visible throughout the day

As a result 100% of the participants both in-person and online, saw the Fermi branded overlays. 34% of the participants interacted with the module.

The cooperation with the developers was practical and fast, and we were able to be creative in both content and design. Mood Meter is a smart way to energise the participants of the event and at the same time make them think about our field of activity—energy—in small comprehensible bits. It was good to see that energy issues in a broader sense are a concern for start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs (at some point, many of them scale up and start manufacturing their products, or engage in other activities which could require large amounts of energy) we were approached with various questions throughout the day. Mood Meter solution is something we could repurpose again for future events we collaborate with." — Mihkel Loide, Head of Communications at Fermi Energia

Live Q&A overlays increased the engagement rate

Mood Meter was not the only means for the audience to interact. Using Votemo the participants were also able to submit their questions to the speakers to drive the on-stage panel discussions. What worked very well was showing the Live Q&A questions on screens as overlays. This gave the moderators the option to read questions directly from the screens and activated more audience members to submit their questions as well.

Votemo Live Q&A screen overlays on video stream and stage screens
Votemo Live Q&A screen overlays on video stream and stage screens

Key elements for better results

The success of any interactivity lies in communication and accessibility. What we've experienced over and over again and not only at Latitude59 but also with other events is the importance of briefing about the interactivity for hosts, moderators, and the video team. Only this way you can make sure the interactivity is announced as it should be and gets the attention you need. This moment has a make-it-or-break-it effect.

“We had an excellent collaboration with Votemo. We at Latitude59 are certain that audience engagement is an important part of any modern conference. We see many ways to develop event engagement and interactivity at our events further and we are happy that we’ve found such a great partner in Votemo.” Liisi Org, CEO of Latitude59

The second extremely important factor is accessibility—make sure to test before the event starts if the QR codes on screens are scannable to the last row of your venue and interactions are accessible to your online audiences. Give your audience multiple entry points. At Latitude59 audience participation tools were accessible directly via the QR codes shown on screens but also through the matchmaking and networking app Brella.

Votemo Audience Interaction Tools embedded in Brella, Mood Meter, Live Q&A and Polling
Votemo Audience Interaction Tools embedded in Brella

Make sure to regularly remind your audience about the opportunity to participate and submit questions. At a big conference like Latitude59, participants are constantly moving around, from one hall to another and from meetings to sessions and sessions to meetings. They might not be there throughout the whole session, therefore it is good to give them a reminder that they are welcome to participate. Having the questions popping up on the screen as graphic overlays is a good way to remind about the participation opportunity. Also, for the audience members arriving halfway through the sessions, having the questions visible in the user interface gives them a great overview of what has been discussed before and avoids the same questions being asked again. It can also eliminate the fear of asking just because the participant is not sure whether the question they'd like to ask has been asked already.

1/3 of the Audience Joined in to Interact

  • 2800 attendees—the biggest ever Latitude59

  • Mood Meter, Polling, and Q&A were available for both on-site and digital audiences for 2 days and 3 stages

  • 34% of the audience joined to participate

  • Almost 7000 interactive sessions in 2 days

  • 100% of people attending the event online or in-person saw graphics overlays and sponsor solutions

  • The engagement rate went up 80%

  • The sponsor was 100% happy getting great results in terms of brand engagement

If you'd like to know more on how Votemo can help you to increase the value of your event through audience involvement, lead generation and branding options, set up a consultation here.



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