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Creating More Impact Through Audience Participation: The Case of Cannes Marché du Film &

The Marché du Film powered by the Cannes Film Festival is one of the largest film industry gatherings in the world. The event runs programs on different topics and in 2022 Votemo was engaged with two different programmes of the market: Cannes NEXT and Festivals Hub.



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In-person & Online

The following case study highlights how Votemo's audience interactivity tools were used at these two conference programmes. Read along to find out how to provide your audience more value by making them active participants during panel discussions and how to use interactivity for generating qualified leads for a sponsor.

Getting to know your audience is the key to a successful panel discussion

Cannes NEXT brings together film industry professionals interested in innovation in the creative industries. The participants are specialists from varied areas including representatives from film festivals, policymakers, directors, producers, filmmakers, financiers, scriptwriters, etc. With specialists from such varied fields and topics covering innovations, knowing more precisely who has decided to attend the session and what is their understanding and take on the topic at hand is of great value for the moderator. Getting to know the audience by asking them questions and getting a better overview of who is present gives the audience, panellists and the moderator valuable insights.

“A tool enabling “hybrid" interactivity enables a better connection with all—onsite and online. As a host and moderator, it makes me guide panel conversations to where present audiences have their sharpest interest. And that's what makes a conference successful!" — AC Coppens, THE CATALYSTS, Moderator of Cannes NEXT
AC Coppens, Moderator of Cannes NEXT, Marché du Film
AC Coppens, Moderator of Cannes NEXT

Data insights from audience interactivity provide value for the organisers

Involving the audience and receiving data on their responses and comments and questions gives the organiser so-called “market” insight — was this topic interesting for the audience, what questions did it raise, and what was the audience's take on the topic? All this helps the organiser to better plan the future content.

For example at Cannes NEXT during the Virtual Production programme, most of the participants of the Virtual Production session were motivated beginners with some Super Pros and some with no clue about it added to the mix. This information enabled the moderator to keep the panel discussion on the level relevant to the majority of the participants.

Giving the audience additionally a chance to ask questions via the Votemo Q&A tool enabled also the Super Pros to get the answers they were looking for their specific questions regarding technical solutions. Having all the questions saved digitally is another good insight that the organiser can turn back to when creating reports or putting together content for the next editions.

Enriching Sponsor solutions with qualified leads

15% of the participants of a Sponsor session at Cannes NEXT left their contact details through Votemo to know more about the Sponsor's product and offering. Using Votemo the participants were able to receive a first-hand experience of the accuracy of the sponsors' AI product.

One of the sponsors of Cannes NEXT,, hosted a pitching session to demonstrate their product. empowers traditional content creation workflow with artificial intelligence and supports producers, distributors, directors, writers, financiers, and actors/actresses in their decision-making process. During the session, selected filmmakers got to present their projects.

Votemo introduction at Cannes Next with Largo

While let their AI evaluate the future potential of the projects of the session, the audience was able to do the same using Votemo's Live Polling tools. Being able to compare the results of the AI with the results of the audience in the room, added excitement and gamification to the session, created a more engaging experience and demonstrated the accuracy of the AI tool.

After participating via Votemo, audience members were asked to leave their contacts if they'd like to know more about which resulted in 15% of the participants leaving their contacts to know more.

Using Banners to direct the audience to take action

At the Festivals Hub sessions, the Votemo banner module was used among other audience interactivity tools to direct people to the Festivals Green Charter Initiative landing page to get festivals to join with the Green Charter Initiative. As a result, 20% of participants visited the signup page.

“We were very happy with the collaboration with Votemo. Their team helped us figure out best strategies for the use cases of the platform as well as maximising the value added, and helped us with everything from set up to data reports. Having an easy to use, minimum setup platform available in our production tools helped us to add a fun interactive element to our audience and valuable insight for our event clients, partners and ourselves.”Sten Saluveer, Strategic Advisor & Head of Cannes Next

If you'd like to know more about how Votemo and its audience interactivity tools can help you to increase the value of your event through audience interactivity, lead generation and branding options, set up a consultation here.



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