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Virtual Events Industry is booming —Votemo on the Lookout for a Tech Partner & Investment

Virtual events industry is booming and Votemo is on the lookout for a Tech Partner and investment to respond to growing market needs. Votemo is a seed-stage MediaTech startup providing interactivity tools for live streams, events and TV. We believe in the business and social benefits of interactive content. Witnessing the rising market demand, we want to use this great business potential to take Votemo to the next level. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on.

We are on the lookout for a technical partner, whether it's a team of developers, a software development company or an individual CTO, we will be equally happy to discuss the possibilities of potential collaboration on taking Votemo to the next level.

To respond to recent developments in the industry, our ambition is to build Votemo into a fully self-service platform that would enable any event organiser or streamer to independently use Votemo services. What we are looking for is strong interest in scalable media services and SaaS platforms.

Connecting people through interactivity

Votemo has created a platform that gives broadcasters, such as hybrid virtual event organisers, streamers and TV channels new ways to get and retain audience attention, but also new ways to monetise audience interaction.

Votemo enables to engage audiences with commenting and Q&A, polling and voting tools or animated reactions, allowing the audience to share emotions, express opinions and ask questions. In collaboration with its clients Votemo also develops original interactive formats to provide audiences with unique interactive experiences. One of our distinctive features is being able to show interaction results as a dynamic graphics layer directly on the video stream/broadcast.

The future of events is hybrid & data-driven

Covid19 crisis has brought about an entirely new way of running events and entertainment — Hybrid events that mixes elements from live events and TV, and interaction has become one integral part of such events.

Virtual events and online conferences have taken over the world of events and became one of the best formats for launching new products, keeping customers engaged and providing employees with a bit of entertainment and fun. The great potential of interaction tools hasn't gone unnoticed by investors around the world. The number of buyups and investments in platforms operating in the field of events and audience interaction speaks for itself.

Eilert Hanoa, the CEO of Kahoot! commented on the huge investment into the company last year, saying "the growth of users and customers is telling a story about a general switch in mindset. Digital tools are no longer being treated as a nice-to-have additional set of features in classrooms, at work or at home – but rather as a vital toolkit to create engagement. We´re witnessing a shift in behaviour across consumers, educators, students and corporate professionals."

An overwhelming 97% of marketers are confident that Hybrid events will become more prominent going forward (Evolution of Events Report, 20/21). Virtual events are up 1,000% since Coronavirus, says Ruben Castano, CEO of 6Connex. This platform has seen more than 52,000 events and sub-events since COVID-19.

Our story in a nutshell

Votemo was founded in 2018 by three media professionals and producers sharing the same passion for television and interactive media. Initially, Votemo was targeted to TV clients and ran multiple projects with all the main TV channels in Estonia and Latvia. Currently, our client portfolio is much broader as we are collaborating with different partners and clients from events and television industry.

Event by Telia Inspira Channel, Estonian Public Brodcasting. Interactive tools used: digital voting, animated reactions and commenting
Hybrid TV Event "R2 Hit Of The Year 2020" (Telia Inspira, ERR)

In order to constantly improve our value and product offering, we successfully completed several business programmes such as Telia Vunk Labs, Elevator Startups, Storytek Creative Hub and Base Camp Hackathon by Superangel and Garage48 and won multiple business awards.

In Q4 2018 Votemo got its first investment from Levira AS, the digital services company and one of the biggest independent TV playout centres in Northern Europe. Today we are looking to raise the seed round to realize Votemo’s full potential in the current growing market situation.

If you are interested to join our journey either as a technical partner or an investor, please write to Dagmar at for more information.

If you are interested to use Votemo services, please get in touch at or fill in the signup form and request access here.



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