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Base Camp: And The Award For Awesomeness Goes To…

In September we took a 2-day-long marathon with the whole team to challenge ourselves and our product with the goal to develop new and better services for our clients. Teams from Estonia, Nigeria and Singapore spent a weekend together to brainstorm and code, and prepare for the final demo night. Base Camp Hackathon Vol 3 received over 200 applications internationally. Only 12 teams were selected and we were extremely lucky to be one of them.

The hackathon is over, but this is just the beginning! During the 48h product hack, we built a prototype of an Interactive Advertising & Click-n-Buy Shopping Tool. The next step is to develop the concept of a new feature into a real product and life test it in collaboration with real clients and media partners.

In addition to the extremely valuable product hacking and team building experience the value of the feedback and support we got from other teams, mentors and professional investors is incalculable. Furthermore, Votemo received a Special Prize and is welcome to join the Palo Alto Club for up to 6 months and work together with the Superangel mentors, such as Rain Rannu, to set and conquer even higher goals. Stay tuned!

Base Camp Hackathon Vol 3 took place on September 27-29, 2019 and is organized 2 times a year by Garage48 and Superangel. Enjoy the selection of photos by Petri Hütt and Tiit Tamme (Garage48, Superangel) below. To see the full gallery, navigate here.



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