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10 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Engagement at Your Next Event

In today's event management landscape, engagement has evolved from a desired outcome to a critical element of any successful event. Whether hosting an international film festival or organizing a local conference, attendee engagement is the vital pulse that shapes the life and triumph of your event.

At Votemo, we partner with film festivals worldwide to develop and implement cutting-edge event engagement strategies. Our services range from facilitating audience award voting to offering measurable interactive solutions for sponsors. Thanks to our extensive collaboration and research, we've gained unparalleled insights and expertise in audience development and engagement, which we're eager to share with you.

Best Practices to Engage Your Audience at an Event

Launching effective engagement strategies begins with meticulous planning. Presented below are 10 strategies aimed at elevating the attendee experience, guaranteeing your event is not just memorable but also leaves a lasting impact well beyond its conclusion.

⎣1⎤Embrace Interactive Technology:

Enhance engagement with live polling for immediate feedback and insights. Initiate engaging conversations with entertaining questions or competitions, and facilitate Audience Choice Awards. Use QR codes displayed on walls and screens for direct voting, sparking real-time interaction and lively discussions. Votemo offers specialized tools for film festivals, including autopilot voting and quick setup features, to digitalize festivals efficiently, saving organizers countless hours.

Cinema screen, Calling to vote in Audience Award Voting. Photo by Filmfest München
Audience Award Voting. Photo by Filmfest München

⎣2⎤Establish Feedback Channels:

Provide accessible ways for attendees to give feedback during and after your event, demonstrating your appreciation for their input and dedication to enhancing their experience. With Votemo’s Q&A and Chat features, gather open-text feedback directly from your audience. Enable sharing of ideas and questions with speakers and creators, and later, compile and share this valuable feedback in a report with your partners and sponsors.

⎣3⎤Facilitate Q&A Sessions:

Allocate specific times during conferences or industry events for attendees to pose questions, either directly or via the Votemo web application. This approach not only keeps attendees engaged with the subject matter but also shows that their opinions and thoughts are valued.

⎣4⎤Incorporate Live Entertainment:

During breaks, include live performances or interactive displays to maintain high energy levels and stimulate conversation. Such entertainment offers a dynamic way to provide your sponsors with significant, measurable exposure.

⎣5⎤Implement Gamification:

Add a playful element by introducing competitive activities such as contests, trivia, or scavenger hunts related to the event’s theme. Offering small prizes can boost interest and motivate active engagement. Allow sponsors to feature in the presentation of these games or competitions for added visibility. Votemo provides various branded opportunities for sponsor exposure.

Interactive entertainment and gamification elements on big screens
Interactive entertainment and gamification

⎣6⎤Boost Social Media Engagement:

Amplify your event's reach by leveraging live-tweeting, Instagram stories, and Facebook Live to engage not just on-site but also virtual attendees. Highlight feedback and share captivating insights from the event across your social media platforms to maintain buzz and interaction.

⎣7⎤Personalize the Experience:

Offer tailored agendas that resonate with the individual interests of each attendee. Utilize Votemo's analytics to understand audience participation, preferences, and feedback, enabling the delivery of customized follow-up messages and content via direct email post-event. Personalization not only enhances the event's relevance but also significantly improves attendee satisfaction.

⎣8⎤Revitalize Content Delivery:

Transform traditional presentation formats with storytelling, compelling visuals, and dynamic speakers to keep your content captivating. Equip speakers and panelists with the Votemo platform, encouraging the use of interactive elements to enrich presentations and discussions.

⎣9⎤Facilitate Networking Opportunities:

Create avenues for attendees to forge connections, whether through structured networking sessions or via social media groups and event-specific hashtags. Votemo seamlessly integrates with popular event management tools and networking platforms, offering extensive support and recommendations on the best options to enhance participant interaction.

⎣10⎤Encourage Active Learning Workshops:

Shift from passive listening to active engagement by incorporating workshops that require participants to interact directly with the content. With Votemo's suite of engagement tools, including live polling, mood measurement, customizable emojis, and Q&A features, you can create a more immersive and interactive learning environment.

Deepening Connections through Event Engagement

Event engagement is measured by the intensity of interest, the quality of interaction, and the level of participation that attendees display from start to finish. A truly engaging event captures its audience's imagination, promotes vigorous participation, and transforms attendees from mere spectators into significant contributors. The overarching aim is to create a meaningful connection among the event's content, its speakers, and its audience, thereby enhancing enjoyment and leaving a lasting impact.

To assess the effectiveness of your engagement initiatives, it's crucial to track key indicators, including session attendance rates, application engagement, social media activity, and feedback gathered through post-event surveys. Analyzing these metrics provides valuable insights that can be used to fine-tune engagement tactics for future gatherings, ensuring continuous improvement and success.

Screens at EFM Berlinale inviting to join Q&A Session
EFM Berlinale. Q&A Session.

Cultivating a Robust Audience Engagement Strategy

Crafting an effective audience engagement strategy is a journey, not a sprint. It demands a deep understanding of your audience, delivering substantial value, and an iterative process of refining your approach. Embrace the strategies highlighted earlier and remain on the lookout for fresh and innovative ways to captivate your attendees. Venture into new technological realms and strategies to not only elevate engagement but also uncover additional avenues for event monetization.

Wrapping Up 

Mastering event engagement is a complex endeavour that, when executed skillfully, significantly enriches the attendee experience. By prioritizing the needs and interactions of your audience and deploying these targeted strategies, you elevate participation levels and solidify your event's distinctive identity. This deliberate focus results in a memorable experience, leaving your audience in anticipation of your future events, eager to see what you will offer next.



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