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Best Slido Alternatives: More Ways To Engage Your Audience

When organizing a film festival or industry event, you may find the need for a digital tool to better engage your audience, whether for audience award voting or Q&A sessions. Slido has set a precedent for real-time interactivity during keynote presentations and team meetings, but every event is unique, and you might be searching for a tool that better aligns with your specific goals.

Whether you're exploring interactive tools for the first time or seeking a Slido substitute, the array of alternatives can be overwhelming. In this article, we ease your research burden by detailing the most compelling Slido competitors for sparking interactive and memorable discussions.

Best Slido Alternative for Film Festivals

Slido offers a wide array of possibilities, allowing users to engage participants through live polling, Q&A, quizzes, and word clouds—whether meeting in the office, online, or in between. These tools are fantastic for engaging participants in events and business meetings. However, when you need to use the same tools at a film festival for audience award voting or a large industry event with over 3,000 attendees, setting up and managing all the polls individually will be time-consuming and cumbersome.

This is where Votemo excels. Votemo provides the same features as Slido, with notable improvements and a significant twist.

  • Automated setup Votemo can handle sizable audiences with the bulk setup of hundreds of polls effortlessly. Need to gather feedback from thousands or even tens of thousands of people? Votemo has you covered.

  • Time-coded voting ballots If you're looking for a tool that runs on autopilot and automatically opens the right voting ballots at the right time based on your festival schedule, Votemo is your answer.






Voting on Autopilot for Film Festivals

Automated Setup

Live polling

Q&A tools


Alternatives to Slido with more interactive possibilities

Let's explore some of the best Slido alternatives. One standout option is Mentimeter. What does Mentimeter bring to the table, you ask? Mentimeter shines with its interactive presentation capabilities. Like Slido, Mentimeter offers a wealth of features and designs that adapt to suit the presenter's needs. It's highly versatile, allowing you to set up a fun Christmas get-together presentation for your family or a serious board meeting where every second counts and every minor detail matters.

While this Slido alternative is excellent for keynote speakers, Votemo has built many first-class solutions for film festivals to collect leads and display sponsor information.

  • More visibility for your sponsors With Votemo, you can grow event engagement by 80% through branded interactivity. You can customize the user interface and screen overlays, giving your sponsors 100% visibility.

  • Lead generation Interactivity enables you to connect lead generation features to the feedback polls and build deeper relationships with your audience. Grow your mailing lists and share news and updates with your audience all year round.

Bar chart that indicates you can Increase audience engagement by 80% with Votemo
Increase audience engagement by 80% with Votemo

The most playful alternative to Slido

Pretty sure that everyone who has attended any kind of event has used Kahoot at least once. We all know that familiar sound in our ears, and we all hate getting an answer wrong because we clicked too fast. Kahoot is a unique alternative to Slido because it offers a rare playful experience to its users that we just can't overlook.

If you're looking for a Slido alternative that is playful but not solely for earning points in a fun, competitive game, consider Votemo. Like Kahoot, Votemo has built-in playful tools.

  • Entertaining Emojis With Votemo, you can have custom-branded emoticons on the platform. Want to enhance playfulness at a festival or conference? Create unique emoticons for your brand that will drive your audience to feel emotions in a way they never have before.

  • Elevate Industry Events Votemo’s Word Clouds and Mood Meters add a fun element to your industry gatherings. Use them for breaking the ice or asking relevant questions to take the conversation further.

When searching for the best Slido alternatives, consider the playful and interactive features of both Kahoot and Votemo. These tools can transform your events into engaging and memorable experiences.

Discover your gimmick

There is a wide range of online audience engagement tools and software that serve as excellent alternatives to Slido. Each tool has its own unique feature that makes it special. Whether you need a tool to manage a small business meeting or handle a massive audience of thousands at a festival, there is a perfect solution for you. Some tools offer extensive customization options, while others create a playful environment for fun interactions.

If you are looking for a tool that can easily manage thousands of people, allows limitless creativity with emoticons, interfaces, and overlays, is fully customizable, and lets you display results on a screen to give your sponsors 100% visibility, contact us for a demo and find inspiration from our blog. Learn about the latest event industry trends and discover ways to enhance your next event engagement strategy.



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