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All in one landing page for events include:

Setup, Audience Engagement Tools, Landing Page Design & Content Management, Video Graphic Overlays, 24/7 Tech Support

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Event landing page demo
Event landing page demo
Event landing page demo

Why Votemo Event Landing Page?

  1. Fastest way to set up an interactive event page

  2. Simple landing page enriched with interactivity features 

  3. Set up and brand based on your needs and style

  4. Engage also the ones watching the event recording

  5. Use also for brand/product related events and lead generation

What does the feature set include? 

  1. Insert your streaming link (Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

  2. Customise background colours, add banners

  3. Customise texts (headline, introduction, agenda, speakers, call to action)

  4. Add interactions (Q&A, Chat, Polling, Word Cloud, Reactions, Mood Metre)

  5. Lead generation features 

  6. Keep content  available for the audience watching the recording

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Interactive Landing Page for Events & Webinars is Included in Votemo Pro Events

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