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Votemo to join Base Camp Hackathon 2019

This year Latitude59 was a great success. Although the Estonian flagship startup event took place already in May, we are still experiencing the positive aftereffects of the event, where we had a chance to step up and pitch on two stages. If one might consider an aeroplane 3200 m above the ground a stage. Well, we did, and we didn’t complain about it either. Another pitching session was the semifinals of the Creative Business Cup by LoovEesti.

For the second year in a row Superangel organised a Skydive Pitch Competition and invited startups to apply and pitch their companies and business ideas during skydiving. This is a pitching event which separates the best from the rest as they say about themselves! More than 70 companies applied and only 4 was selected to pitch. The challenge was to jump off the plane at an altitude of 3,2 km and pitch during and after free-fall at a speed of approximately 250 km/h. We landed alive and won the competition.

The winning team got a place among 10 shortlisted teams to participate at Base Camp Autumn 2019 Hackathon and a chance to win a spot for Alpine House 2019 Batch. Votemo is always on the lookout for the new ideas and concepts of new product features to meet our clients' needs and solve business problems. We are ready to step out of our comfort zone and join the hackathon. A little anxiety never killed nobody.

The Base Camp Hackathon Vol 3 by Garage48 and Superangel will be taking place on this weekend, September 27-29 at Palo Alto Club in Tallinn, Estonia. Superangel Alpine House is a 12-month “high altitude training” program for early-stage startups that takes them to the next level. It comes with 50k-100k investment, 5-week intensive customer development session in Silicon Valley and 1-year coaching from a Superangel partner or a top startup founder to make sure the team will raise the next round or reach the next major milestone.

Tõnis Vassar and Dagmar Mäe at Kuusiku Airport moments before the jump
Tõnis Vassar and Dagmar Mäe at Kuusiku Airport moments before the jump



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