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Maximising Momentum: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Post-Event Engagement

Whether you're organising a film festival, industry conference, or any other type of event, post-event engagement is crucial for building a loyal audience and cultivating a community of attendees. Continue reading to discover the importance of this engagement and how to ensure your team is well-prepared.

Why Does Post-Event Engagement Matter?

Engaging with attendees after an event is essential for maintaining interest, fostering long-term relationships, and driving future participation. Effective post-event engagement can:

  • Extend the impact of your event beyond its conclusion.

  • Collect valuable feedback and insights from attendees.

  • Encourage future participation and forge lasting relationships.

  • Potentially drive further conversions and help achieve your organisational goals.

Actionable Strategies for Post-Event Engagement

1. Leverage Email Marketing

Email is a powerful tool for post-event engagement. Send personalised follow-up emails to attendees, thanking them for participating and sharing relevant content, such as event highlights, key takeaways, and additional resources. Constantly build your mailing list along the visitor journey and through different event engagement activities, such as sponsored entertainment, audience voting, Q&A sessions, and ticket sales.

People leaving after a film screening at Directors' Fortnight in Cannes
Directors' Fortnight in Cannes, Audience Award Voting. ©Guillaume Lutz

2. Share Event Content

Maximise the reach of your event content by sharing it across various channels, including social media, your website, and email newsletters. Repurpose content into different formats, such as blog posts, infographics, or video snippets, to cater to various preferences.

3. Conduct Post-Event Surveys

Gather valuable feedback and insights from attendees by sending out post-event surveys. Ask questions about their experience, key takeaways, and suggestions for improvement. Use this data to optimise future events and tailor your engagement strategies.

4. Encourage Networking and Discussion

Facilitate ongoing networking and discussion among attendees by creating dedicated online spaces, such as social media groups or forums. Encourage participants to share their thoughts, ask questions, and connect with each other, fostering a sense of community.

5. Offer Exclusive Perks and Incentives

Show appreciation to attendees by offering exclusive perks, such as early access to future events, discounts on products or services, or access to premium content. These incentives can encourage continued engagement and loyalty.

6. Host Follow-Up Events

Organise smaller, targeted follow-up events to keep the momentum going and provide additional value to attendees. These can be in the form of special screenings, webinars, workshops, or networking sessions, focusing on specific topics or challenges discussed during the main event.

7. Personalise Your Approach

Use attendee data and profiles to create personalised engagement strategies. Segment your audience based on their interests, preferences, or behaviour, and tailor your communication and offerings accordingly. Personalization can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your post-event engagement efforts.


Post-event engagement is a critical component of event success, allowing you to maintain interest, foster relationships, and drive future participation. By implementing these actionable strategies and event monetization tactics, you can create a compelling post-event experience that attendees will appreciate and remember. Keep the conversation going, provide value, and nurture those connections to maximise the impact of your events.



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