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Top 5 Mentimeter Alternatives: Boost Your Interactive Event Without Breaking the Bank

In the dynamic world of interactive presentations and polling tools, Mentimeter has emerged as a powerful application, allowing speakers and educators to engage with their audience in real time. However, depending on your needs, budget, or preferences, you might be seeking alternatives. Whether you're contemplating Mentimeter for the first time or considering a switch, we've researched and laid out the top competitors to help you make an informed choice.

Why Look for a Mentimeter Alternative?

Mentimeter is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and vast array of question types and interactive features. Yet, there are reasons you might be searching for a different software:

  1. Unique Event Setting or Large-Scale Festival - Looking for a tool that would suit your event's unique needs, and comply with data security regulations.

  2. Cost Efficiency - Searching for a platform that's either free or offers more features at a lower price point.

  3. Feature Set - Looking for specific functionalities that Mentimeter doesn't offer.

  4. Accessibility - Seeking a more versatile solution that can be easier for everyone to access and use, whether they participate in person or online.

Let's explore the leading alternatives, each with its own unique strengths, to determine the best fit for your event.

1. Slido — The easiest way to make your meetings interactive

Slido is an audience interaction platform known for its sleek design and focus on Q&A and polling. It's often considered neck-and-neck with Mentimeter in terms of features.

Price — Offers a free version with basic features; premium tiers start from $8/month.

Best for — Meetings and conferences that need fluid audience interaction.

Key Features:

  • Live polling

  • Q&A sessions

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Integration with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint

Bar chart that indicates you can Increase audience engagement by 80% with Votemo
Audience Data

2. Kahoot! — A Global Learning And Engagement Platform

Kahoot! brings an educational and game-like feel to interactive presentations, perfect for energising classrooms or team-building events.

Price: Free basic plan; Pro version starts at $3/user/month.

Best for: Educational settings or organisations that want a fun and engaging learning experience.

Key Features:

- Gamified quizzes

- Question bank with ready-made content

- Host live games or assign as homework

- Integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

3. AhaSlides — Add Polls & Quizzes to Your Live Presentations

A lesser-known but formidable contender, AhaSlide offers a solid mix of features and affordability in its interactive platform.

Price: Free for up to 7 participants; larger plans start at $14.95/month.

Best for: Small gatherings or individual educators and presenters on a budget.

Key Features:

   - Interactive quizzes, polls, and Q&A

   - Beautiful slide templates

   - Real-time results and analytics

   - Seamless integration with popular presentation tools

4. Votemo — Audience Choice Award Voting on Autopilot

As a robust audience engagement platform, Votemo specialises in audience interaction during film festivals and media events, as seen in their post on the best Slido alternatives.

Price: Contact for customizable pricing.

Best for: Large-scale in-person and live events, and hybrid settings that require heavy audience participation.

Key Features:

   - Automated Audience Award Voting and Q&A tools

   - Tailored for audience voting in a large festival setting

   - Integrates with professional event management tools, i.e. Brella, Talque, etc.







MS Forms

Voting on Autopilot for Film Festivals

Automated Setup

Live polling

Q&A Tools


Slides Integration

5. Microsoft Forms — Create forms, surveys, and quizzes all in one place

For those deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, [Microsoft Forms]( provides a straightforward and integrated solution for quizzes and surveys.

Price: Free for users with an Office 365 subscription.

Best for: Businesses and schools within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Key Features:

   - Simple form and quiz creation

   - Built-in analytics and automatic grading for educators

   - Easy sharing within the organisation or publicly

People Also Ask

Is there a free alternative to Mentimeter?

Yes, several options like Slido, Kahoot!, and Microsoft Forms offer free tiers.

Which is better: Mentimeter or AhaSlides?

It depends on your needs. AhaSlides is more cost-effective for small groups, whereas Mentimeter offers broader question types and templates.

Can I use Mentimeter for free?

Mentimeter does provide a basic free version with limited functionality.

What kind of platform is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation platform enabling real-time polling, quizzes, and audience engagement.

What is the open-source version of Mentimeter?

While there isn't a direct open-source equivalent to Mentimeter, tools like LimeSurvey offer similar functionality with free access to their source code.


Choosing the right interactive presentation tool is vital for engaging your audience. From the exciting energy of Kahoot! to the versatile and professional features of Slido and Votemo, the alternatives to Mentimeter each offer distinct benefits. With this roundup, enhance your next presentation by selecting a platform that aligns with your goals, audience size, and budget.

Remember, this guide is a starting point. We'd recommend trying out the free versions or demos where available and contacting the companies for more detailed pricing structures to suit your specific needs. Interactive presentations are about connection—ensure your tool of choice speaks your audience's language.

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