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How to beat micro-attention with interactivity?

In September Votemo was participating at the World’s Most influential Media, Entertainment and Technology show IBC at Amsterdam RAI. We were given a 20-minute slot on the Future Zone stage to present our findings and thoughts on audience interaction and how it can help content owners build new revenue streams, retain and grow audiences and fight micro-attention.

Votemo’s Co-Founder Dagmar complied interesting statistics to illustrate the smartphone usage patterns of present-day consumers, explained some of the reasons behind them and provided a solution for content owners to make these patterns work in their benefit.

Thank you IABM for inviting and trusting us!

Below you can find a short summary of the presentation and the keynote slides

The statistics show’s that we’re so attached to our mobile phones that not only we feel the need to reach out for them on average 52 times a day but according to different studies, 88-96% of smartphone users also like to have their smartphones on hand while watching TV content (Deloitte 2018, FB IQ 2017). According to the Deloitte 2018 report, with the At Work and Out Shopping being the top 2 activities to which we like to have our phones right on our hand. Watching TV ranks on strong 3rd place.

While the first two make perfect sense from the practical aspect, watching TV coming 3rd is rather interesting as at first glimpse there is no practical reasoning behind why should we need our mobile phones while letting the content entertain us. But numbers speak for themselves. This trend is something that content owners, creators and TV channels should consider when creating new content or repurposing old.

So, what could be the underlying reason for the emergence of such a trend? According to Ericsson (2016), the growth in consumers performing activities on a second screen can partly be attributed to the basic human need for instant gratification as well as never wanting to have a dull moment.

Content owners, creators and TV channels are not only competing over who has the better content but in its core, are competing over time. The time that audiences spend on entertainment. In this regard, social media is one of the strongest competitors for any content creator, owner or channel.

Instant gratification is something that social media has nailed perfectly. Interactivity and personalised content is something that keeps us hooked on social media. Considering that on average each user spends approx. 136 minutes of their day on social media, content owners need to start considering how to give the audience the kick they get out from social media within their curated content.

Votemo’s solution for this is real-time audience interaction. Making interaction part of the show, the content owner has immediately ticked the boxes of social experience, instant gratification and data which are the exact same features driving social media today.

If you are interested in audience interaction and how Votemo can help, get in touch with Dagmar on or watch the full presentation video:



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